Michigan vs Michigan State

Michigan vs Michigan State : The Michigan have their Week 8 NCAA game on Saturday at Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, against the Michigan State, and there are many ways for you to watch.

Michigan vs Michigan State Live

Most any college football game can be viewed on either ESPN, ABC, NBC or CBS. Included are all the viewing options for each of these channels, complete with TV schedules and online streaming options for each. This entry also provides conference-specific options, for the most die-hard of fans looking for non-nationally aired games.

The first games of the season kicked off on Saturday, August 25 with more games picking back up on Thursday, August 30. The action continues through Labor Day weekend. College football fans should be excited for five consecutive days of games, which feature both conference matchups and major neutral-site clashes.

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Alabama will start its national title defense with a game against Louisville in Orlando that will serve as the nightcap for a loaded college football schedule on the first day of September.

Here are some high-profile matchups that will take place during the rest of the first week of the season.

College football games are the least of our worries, but seeing as this is a weekly college football schedule post, it’s a thing to make note of. If you’re anywhere near the storm’s potential path (I kind of am myself), please be safe.

Below, the Week 3 schedule, sorted by an estimate of watchability. As always, note “watchability” is never intended to perfectly correlate with how good your team is. Your team is great, and I wish the very sick media acknowledged it.

You usually have to log in to these services via your cable account, unless you’ve cut the cord (more on that below).

Most of these services also have apps, ranging from the App Store to Google Play to Chromecast and various smart TVs and gaming consoles.

Storylines: Army was able to handle Liberty last week, so now it will have to take on the high-flying Hawaii offense. Cole McDonald continued his outstanding season with a four-touchdown performance against Rice. He threw for six touchdowns against Navy, so he’ll try to continue that impressive run. Army’s formula to win will be the same one that Navy wasn’t able to execute:

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